Elkins Baseball

KBC Board

Executive Officers:
John Hale, Hillary Hunter
Kimberly Brown
Dimple Patel
Fundraising Chair:
Monica Wood
Monica Boyd, Eric Boyd
Scott Ruffing

Executive Board Members

PRESIDENT - The duties of the president shall be as follows:

  • Compose meeting agendas for all monthly KBC meetings
  • Facilitate the setting of the KBC Calendar of Events
  • Preside over monthly and /or any extra meetings
  • Preside over executive board
  • Submit Fundraising plans to FBISD
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all committees
  • Meet with school administrators as needed
  • Review objectives and/or issues with elected officers/members
  • Run annual election of officers
  • Meet with coaches on regular basis to gain insight to needs—both present and future
  • Coordinate the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served
  • Has bank account signing responsibilities

VICE PRESIDENT - The duties of the vice president shall be as follows:

  • Preside over club meetings in the absence of the president
  • Assume responsibilities for any officer in their absence
  • Offer insights and recommendations concerning club agendas and activities
  • Coordinate all KBC event games during baseball season. i.e. Senior night, Little League night, Veterans
  • Has bank account signing responsibilities
  • Co-Chair First Pitch Banquet*

TREASURER - The duties of the treasurer shall be as follows:

  • Maintain accurate records for all financial aspects of the KBC
  • Maintain and update bank account records
  • Monthly reconciliation of bank account(s)
  • Pay bills upon receipt of documentation and approval of KBC Board
  • Prepare and present to the KBC a monthly financial report
  • Makes a full financial report at the end of the year
  • Conduct annual audit and reconciliation at the end of the school calendar year
  • Prepare and submit required documentation to the District’s Business and Finance Department each
    year by Sept. 1.
  • Prepare and file all applicable tax returns and filings by the deadlines
  • Has bank account signing responsibilities

SECRETARY - The duties of the secretary shall be as follows:

  • Record Board meeting minutes at each KBC Board meeting, distribute minutes via email to KBC within
    one week after meeting and reports at the following meeting
  • Send reminders for action items within one week of upcoming meetings and reminders for next meeting
    one week prior to meeting
  • Insure volunteer compliance with Criminal Background Checks
  • Report volunteer hours to the District
  • Co-Chair Hit-A-Thon*

COMMUNICATION/WEBSITE - The duties of the communication/website board member shall be as follows:

  • Steward of electronic information and Knights Administrator email account
  • Handles all correspondence, communications and notices of meetings
  • Supplies updates for Elkins Castle Crossings
  • Maintains a copy of the minutes, bylaws, rules, membership lists
  • Maintain the www.knightsbaseballclub.com website
  • Update and maintain all website activities as directed by the KBC Board
  • Co-Chair Golf Tournament*

FUNDRAISING - The duties of the Fundraising Board Member shall be as follows:

  • Establishes fundraising goals in conjunction with the board and committee chairs
  • Coordinates fundraising objectives with all committee chairs
  • Represents all fundraising activities to the Executive Board
  • Solicit repeat funding from current sponsors
  • Identify other methods of solicitation
  • Lead efforts to obtain auction/sponsored items
  • * Role of Co-Chair is in place to support elected, selected or volunteer Chairpersons of committees. In the
    event no Chairperson takes the role, the Co-chair will be responsible to lead the event and committee.
  • ** Co-Chair responsibilities may be exchanged amongst KBC Board Members based on preference
Carpenter Field

Standing Committee Chairs

SPIRIT WEAR - The duties of the Spirit Wear Chair shall be as follows:
  • Identify items for sale
  • Identify online site for sale of spirit wear
  • Secure funding budget based on projections
  • Price products to recover costs, create school spirit; maximizing profits
  • Set-up selling area at parent meetings, baseball games and fundraising events
  • Collect monies and coordinate delivery of items as necessary
  • Recruit staffing assistance as needed
CONCESSION STAND - The duties of the Concession Stand Chair shall be as follows:
  • Serve as the Concession Staffing Coordinator to ensure there are enough volunteers to work the games
  • Prior to start of season clean the concession stand
  • Stock and organize all purchased foods, drinks and paper goods
  • Facilitate budget with treasurer
  • Inventory, purchase and re-stock all food, drinks and paper goods weekly during baseball season
  • At the end of the season clean and “summarize” concession stand and associated equipment
  • Train the designated Concession Stand “Set-up” persons
  • Recruit staffing assistance as needed
HIT-A-THON - The duties of the Hit-A-Thon Chair shall be as follows:
  • Working with the coaches, establish the schedule for the day
  • Create/Update pledge forms
  • Work with coaches to engage players in pledge efforts
  • Communicate event to local little league organizations for participation
  • Develop walk up songs and bios for players
  • Recruit and organize volunteers to run various roles during the day
*** All KBC Leadership roles are for the duration of a 1 year term
Elkins Knights
The Elkins Baseball Club, Inc. (DBA Knights Baseball Club (KBC)) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established to provide financial support to the Elkins High School baseball team. In addition to supporting the continued success of the team on the field, the KBC is committed to fostering a positive relationship between the Elkins community and our baseball coaches, players, families, and fans.